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For Children


To grow up as an active and important member of a friendly choir with a strong sense of purpose.
To progress through a training scheme that provides a good musical education as well as encouraging the chorister’s spiritual development within the church.
To have lessons in theory of music as part of the training scheme.
To move towards positions of leadership within the choir as a team leader or head chorister.
To receive a small amount of pocket money for duties performed with the main church choirs.

For Children and Adults


To sing some of the finest music written for church worship and to gain an interest, expertise and love of music and singing that frequently lasts for life.
To make new friends within the choir and our church family and to take part in the choir outings and social events such as the annual choir lunch party.
To join in occasional choir concerts, carol singing for charity and other musical events in the area.
To take part in occasional choir visits to cathedrals. The opportunity to sing in these great buildings often leaves memories that remain strong for years to come.
To audition for membership of the RSCM Southern Cathedral Singers. This is a group of very high standard which meets from time to time to sing in cathedrals during the regular choir's holidays.
To attend RSCM training days or residential courses.