Government review on commercialisation of childhood to be chaired by


Reg Bailey, Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union



reg bailey







In December 2010, Mothers’ Union’s Chief Executive, Reg Bailey, was appointed by the Government to chair an independent review of the commercialisation of childhood, due for publication in May 2011.

Announcing the Review, Sarah Teather, Minister for Children, said:




“By reviewing commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood we want to better understand not only how we can help parents resist these things, but also how we encourage all businesses to take their responsibilities as seriously as the best ones already do... most importantly I want specific recommendations on what can be done across both of these broad areas, to tackle the issues parents and children and young people face.”




The Review, which is being coordinated by the Department for Education, will:
  • Define excessive commercialisation and premature sexualisation of children
  • Identify risks of harm to children from commercial pressures and sexualisation; and barriers to parents from exercising parental responsibility
  • Identify current channels for consumers to voice concern and any barriers to doing so
  • Assess how businesses currently fulfill corporate social responsibility in selling to children
  • Inform a set of principles for regulation and practice. 
Reg is chairing the review independently of Mothers’ Union. The Bye Buy Childhood campaign will continue beyond the review, to ensure action is taken to end the commercialisation of childhood.


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