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Saturday 12th July 2014

life cape town logoYesterday was our final day of Holiday Club! And despite being exhausted, the whole team was sorry to say goodbye to the children! So many relationships have been formed over the last week, some requiring a good deal of perseverance and patience. We all have so many wonderful stories to tell of conversations we have had, questions that have been asked or actions that have been shown. The drama ended with a show down between 'King Doom and King Grace, as good triumphed over evil, and we even had a magician come in for surprise Friday, which was a big success. It has been amazing to see all the children coming out of their shells and really enjoy themselves as we dance, sing, eat many biscuits and talk about Jesus.
After a speedy clean up of the church hall, we had a celebratory lunch with all involved in the holiday club and a chance to reflect on our highlights of the week. Grant and Julien then took the UK team to a 'put put' ie Crazy Golf place right on the coastline of CapeTown, where we thoroughly enjoyed whacking the balls (fairly inaccurately) and watching the sunset. It was lovely to spend time together and then have a 'family meal' as we named it, after such a busy but exciting week.

Today (Saturday) started in high spirits, mainly because we got a lie in!!! As our first day off, we were excited to head back to the coast and become tourists for the day. It has been an absolutely glorious day and perfect for our trip up table mountain. What a fantastic view! Caz lead us on a walk around the top where we took photo after photo and just stared and stared at beautiful scenery. We then headed to the Waterfront for some lunch and Retail Therapy with the Edgemead Team, as we are now completely inseparable! Julia, Julien, and Grant roll their eyes as we hug again and again as we say goodbye knowing full well we will see them tomorrow!

We are now beginning to prepare ready for our next challenge of doing some projects in Westlake next week. Please pray that we all remain healthy as some of us our beginning to get a bit run down out of exhaustion! Spirits are still running high though!

140712 photo 2

Hannah, 11/07/2014

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