Bells and Bell Ringing 

History of the bells

We know that St Giles had a peal of 6 bells that were cast in 1725 and that metal from three existing bells was in part used to make them. Our current peal of 8 bells were cast in 1873 and hung in a wooden frame.
The Bells were overhauled in 2007 by Nicholson Engineering. This work involved new bearings, new pulleys and adjustments to the hanging radii and clapper throws of some of the bells. The Tenor was also 1/8th turned.
The previous major work on the bells was in 1961 when these same bells were taken away for tuning and then re-hung with new fittings in a new cast-iron lowside frame mounted on double foundation steel joists.  This was a very major project that would have cost about £50,000 if done today.
Our heaviest bell is just under 13cwt (589Kg) with a diameter of about 1.1m at its widest part. In total the 8 bells have a dead weight of approximately 2.5 tons but when they are swinging full circle, as they do when we ring them, very considerable forces are involved.
Details of the bells and of the overhauls can be found in the Articles listed on this page.

Richard Trueman, 08/09/2008

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