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St Giles and St George

Wednesday 10th Sept

Seek His face anew

Seek his face

At the back of the church I could see the face of Jesus. It was really big & obvious but no one had noticed it because although the church was full, everyone was facing the front with their backs to the face. Jesus just stayed there patiently. After sometime someone turned round and noticed the face and as he did a few others turned round and so more and more did the same. As soon as people recognised the face and welcomed Jesus, he walked into the congregation and greeted them in ways that met their needs: embracing some, placing hands on others, shaking hands with some, high giving some of the younger crowd etc
I had the feeling that God was saying we need to seek his face in a new way and when we see it he will meet all our needs

Lord, thank you with us, ready to be seen. Help us to seek your face and welcome you in.

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