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Saturday 12th July 2014

life cape town logoLate start today as it’s our first and only "rest" day. So sightseeing was the order of the day with our first stop a cable way ride up the famous Table Mountain, which stands just over 1000m high. The views were stunning on another glorious winter day with bright sun shine. And we did get to feel like tourists with all the foreign languages spoken around us and the multitude of South African accents of obvious holiday-makers.
It is amazing how the camera phone has replaced the traditional camera. I noticed countless people quickly whipping out their phones to take pictures. But that was true of our young people too, but what wonderful memories, all captured on their personal devices, they will have access too as a reminder of days in Cape Town.
Good old retail therapy was next on the list, but it was quite obvious by the lack of spending that time together was more important than searching out the bargains.
Tomorrow morning has our young people speaking in the church service again. So please remember Kalvin, Izzie and Caroline as they share some of their experiences of the past week as we reached out to the children who attended holiday club. After church all the team will spend lunch and a lazy afternoon with their hosts.
Monday morning sees a new project in a community called Westlake.

Grant Everson, 11/07/2014

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