St Giles' Dell Centre 

 Dell Center Booking Form 
Booking Form Dell Centre 2017 - One off Hirer

5101 first floor entrance 1024First Floor entrance

We look forward to welcoming you to The Dell Centre at St Giles' Church! If you have a group or class and you think that this wonderful new facility might be just the thing we would ask you to contact our church Reception on 01372 813964 or To further entice you please note that, while parking may be an issue at other locations, it is much less of a problem at St Giles’.
Please do come and visit us at the Dell Centre or look at the
full set of photos.

We very much hope that this super building will be a blessing to the whole Ashtead community and beyond.
5007 hall 1024x614


5105 hall and church 1024x573

Hall with St Giles' Church in the background

5021 kitchen 1024x700


5002 ground floor entrance 102

Ground Floor entrance

5035 first floor foyer 1024x81

First Floor foyer

5004 ground floor foyer 1024x6
Ground Floor foyer