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Weekly ThoughtPhil Marlow
Length:3 minutes
Weekly Thought with Phil Marlow 10 JuneListen Download MP3 Audio 1.6MB (03:33)
Moses:Adventuring with God - Getting Pharaoh's Attention Phil Marlow
11am St George's
Length:23 minutes
References:Exodus 10:21-29
Exodus 11:1-10
Phil focuses on the ninth plague - of darkness - and looks at the spiritual battle which is in play ahead of the Israelites being released from Egypt. Both Moses and Pharaoh each have a clear agenda; Moses is responding to God's calling and direction whilst the king of Egypt has a dark motive driven by self interest. Phil looks at Moses as a model for developing our faith and sense of life purpose through discerning and then responding to God's calling.
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 22.6MB (23:07)
Shaping Church Culture - CommitmentPhil Marlow
11am St George's
Length:26 minutes
References:Luke 14:25-34
Acts 2:42-47
In today's busy world of Google calendars where our time is scheduled and there always seems so much to do, thinking about commitment can seem a burden. What does the bible say about commitment and our priorities? Phil invites us to look at what Jesus has to say on the subject and how the early church in Acts gives us a blue print for our commitment to one another in our church community.
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 25.3MB (26:26)