Prayers for August

Please pray for.....


The outreach activities taking place during August to connect with our community, including Summertime Social for the elderly, Kingfishers week and the drop in and play sessions for families.   Please pray for all who are leading these programmes and for all who will attend.
All who are attending Christian festivals, including New Wine and Soul Survivor, that these may be a time of encouragement, spiritual growth and building friendship.
New members of staff (Jaynie, Janine and Mirkku) and for smooth transitions into their roles within the paid ministry team.
Opportunities for spiritual growth during the summer season, especially through the weekly prayer journalling sessions at the Dell centre.


Rest and refreshment for all who are able to take a break from work, whether away or at home.
All those who will receive exam results this month, especially for guidance when decisions about the future may need to be taken quickly.
Those who work to keep our community clean and in good repair, looking after roads, utilities, public spaces and transport links.


Our new Prime Minister, for wisdom, compassion and clarity as he takes on leadership of the government and the country.
All who are affected by the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and those who are working to treat patients and prevent further spread of the disease.
The newly appointed leaders of the EU, as Brexit negotiations continue.