Prayers for January

Please pray for.....


All who came to church over the Christmas period, that they may be encouraged to continue ‘Following the Star’ and to attend the ‘You’re Welcome Back” services on Sunday 12 January.
The week of Christian Unity, 18-25 Jan, including the ecumenical service at St Michael’s on Tuesday 21 Jan, prayer sessions on Monday 20 Jan, 9am in St George’s and Thursday 23 Jan, 10.15am in Ashtead Baptist Church, and the ongoing partnership between the three churches in Ashtead.
All those involved in teaching and preaching across our church, as we start a new sermon series on Moses and consider Genesis in the study course run by Tim Long and Christine Bailey.
The youth weekend away at Carroty Wood at the end of the month, for all attending and for Sean and the team as they lead and encourage our young people.
Our Families Outreach Worker, Judith Lovett, as she takes up her new role in Sharon Seal’s team.


All who work in the health and emergency services in our community, as the winter brings additional pressures and workload.
Those involved in supporting families and relationships, especially following Christmas which can be a time of increased tension and discord for many.
People who have moved into our community recently, that they may quickly feel at home and build friendships.


All those elected to parliament last month, both in government and opposition, as they begin to debate and implement new policies.
The ongoing negotiations with the EU as the Brexit deadline approaches, and for all those tasked with implementing the changes that will follow.
Countries that continue to suffer from war, violence and economic collapse, including Syria, Yemen, DRC, Zimbabwe and Venezuela.