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Saturday 30 May
10:00amLittle Kids Praise @ SGSGAshtead channel on YouTube & church website link
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Praying in Nature May 2020 (131.1KB)
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Prayer, Pastoral and Spiritual Growth Resources

We are all facing challenges every day and as we try to live, it’s easy to become anxious and carried along by the deep rooted fear of others, that is all around us. These prayer resources help each of us to focus on God and give us a tangible way to pray.

Be encouraged that we will all be doing this together and that in the bible it says in Psalm 62 ‘My soul finds rest in God, my hope comes from Him’. As you care for family, try to shop, stay at home, work……keep that verse in your thoughts and remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Prayer Labyrinth

The new Prayer Labyrinth has now been completed at St Giles', it lies in the north-east side of the church. 
Please do go and walk the labyrinth, there are three words to help you as you walk.

Release: As you enter, let go of all that burdens you.

Receive: As you reach the centre, be open to what you might receive from God, let his peace and love fill you.

Return: .As you leave, let the spirit dwelling within you…..give you hope and joy as you re-enter our troubled world.

Please click here for reflections on walking the labyrinth

Prayer Garden
The Prayer Garden is also open, via the outside gate. Please do go and sit and pray, be aware of God’s presence and listen to his still voice amidst all that we are coping with both personally and as a community.
Please be strict on observing physical distancing, so walk the labyrinth alone before another person enters and sit more than 2 metres apart in the prayer garden. Thanks.

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