Update on Bye Buy Childhood


On 14th March, Worldwide President Rosemary Kempsell was accompanied by Mothers' Union members and four MPs (all sincerely committed to the cause), who handed in the Bye Buy Childhood petition to Number 10 Downing Street. The petition has more than 18,500 signatures and calls the Government to keep its promise to tackle the commercialization of childhood and to stop children being targeted with or exposed to sexualised media and marketing.
The group included MPs Helen Goodman, David Morris, Fiona Bruce and Jim Dobbin and were accompanied by Jacky Atkins, Diocesan President for Guildford. The petition was handed into Downing Street by Ella Atkins and Rosemary Kempsell who were accompanied by Freddy Bailey grandchildren of Jacky and Margaret Beringer respectively.
Janet Widman, Marketing Coordinator for Guildford, also came along and took many photos, but was not allowed beyond the gates of Downing Street. Other members from the London, Southwark and Guildford Diocese were also present – we created quite a stir, and tourists were photographing us.
We were all very proud to be part of this marvellous effort.


Janet Widman, 04/04/2011

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