A Royal visit to Guildford Cathedral

Friday 18th November was a very special day for the Diocese. Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh were invited to a service to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Guildford Cathedral. To mark the occasion the Dean invited Volunteer groups who play an important role in the Community to showcase their work and be present to talk about it. Mothers’ Union were invited because we volunteer in the four prisons in Surrey. Janet and Andy Widman set up the display on Thursday 17th,  then those of us with invitations arrived early on Friday 18th with identification, no cameras or phones. The Royal couple arrived on the dot and walked into a Cathedral packed with volunteers, children and visitors. We were standing in a wonderful position near the West door and had a great view of everything. The Queen went down the North side with the Dean and the Duke came down the South side with the Bishop. He shook all our hands and was very interested in our work, quite surprised that so many of us went into prison regularly. We then took part in a shortened but very uplifting service and finally waved the Royal couple off as they went on to visit a Sixth Form College in Redhill.

Janet Widman, 22/11/2011

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